Ann Rodiger

Ann Rodiger is the founder and director of the Balance Arts Center and the BAC Teacher Training Course. She has been teaching the Alexander Technique and movement for over 30 years in academic and private settings. She is skilled in Labanotation, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Yoga, meditation, and various dance techniques.
University of Oregon Distinguished Alumni Award, School of Music and Dance, June, 2009. Eugene, Oregon. To read a transcript of Ann’s talk at the graduation click here.
Recent Activities:
• Private Lessons in Antwerp, Belgium, February 2011 and 2012
• Produced Performance Practices Workshops with John Norris, Berlin, Germany, Aug 2011 and 2012.
• Attended and Presented at AMSAT AGM (Annual General Meeting) New York, NY, June 2012.
• AmSAT Treasurer from 2010 to present
• Produced 1st Freedom To Act: Acting and The Alexander Technique Conference, NYC, January 2012.
• Attending AMSAT AGM (Annual General Meeting) New York, NY, June 2012.
• Monthly Singing Workshops and Masterclass, at Balance Arts Center, NYC, 2011
• Attended and Presented at AMSAT AGM (Annual General Meeting) Las Vegas, NV, June 2011.
• Released "How to Sit: Your Body At Work" book, Spring 2011. 
• Produced 2nd Freedom To Move: Dance and The Alexander Technique Conference, NYC, May 2011. 
• Produced Performance Practices Workshop with John Norris, Berlin, Germany, Aug 2010.
• Attended AMSAT AGM (Annual General Meeting) Ann Arbor, Michigan, June 2010.
• Elected Treasurer of AMSAT, June 2010.
• Produced 1st Freedom To Move: Dance and The Alexander Technique Conference, NYC, May 2010
• Private Lessons, Berlin, Germany, August 22 – 29, 2009.
• Lotte Lehmann Academy for Singers, Perleberg, Germany, August 17 – 21, 2009.
• “Posture and Playing”, National Flute Convention, New York City, August 15, 2009.
• MELT Speaking, Singing and Making Sound for Dancers Workshop, Movement Research, NYC, August, 3 – 7, 2009.
• CenterStage Vocal Fest/Opera Workshop, Alexander Technique Workshop, August, Queens, 2009.
• University of Oregon Distinguished Alumni Award. Eugene, Oregon, June 13, 2009.
• “Moving from a Lie Down,” Workshop at the AmSAT, Pre-Annual General Meeting, San Francisco, CA, June 2009,
• Lidalnorth Summer Singers Program, Oslo, Norway. June 2009.
• Private Lessons, Berlin, Germany, April 4 – 11, 2009.
• Physical Therapy Presentation, Hospital for Joint Diseases, March 27, 2009.
Professional Accomplishments:
• Over thirty years of a thriving private Alexander Technique practice in NYC.
• Eleven years of teaching movement and dance in College and University settings.
• Ten years of teaching an Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course.
• Taught at graduate and undergraduate levels, developed curriculum and teaching methods at Universities including: California State University at Hayward, University of Illinois at Urbana, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, University of Hawaii at Manoa, The Juilliard School and City University of New York.
• Two years Executive Management of Multi-Media operations and Information Technology Area of Not-for-Profit Organization.
• Three years Event Coordination, Logistics, Production Manager for large events and retreats in the U.S. and Internationally.
• International teaching and travel experience: Workshops in Germany, France, Belgium, Norway and Switzerland.
• Labanotation and Laban Analysis Expert: Notated, Reconstructed and checked many dance scores from Labanotation.
• “How to Sit: Your Body at Work” book. Balance Arts Center, LLC. Spring 2011.
• “Your body at work: Sitting at your workstation” Poster. Balance Arts Center, LLC. June 2009.
• “The Joy of Walking Well with Ann Rodiger”, BalanceArts, 2001.
• Several Labanotation Dance scores through the Dance N
• “Dance Graph Analysis” NY, Dance Notation Journal, Vol. 1 DNB, 1983.
• Alexander Technique Certificate: The Urbana Center, Urbana, Illinois 1981.
• Advanced Labanotation Certificate: 1975.
• University of Oregon, Bachelor of Science.